A responsible and productive building with a positive impact on
health, care, coexistence, future, environment, local development,
values, new economy…

The co-living is a pioneering model of shared housing. Unlike other projects that are booming in the real estate market, co-living is not limited to a simple addition of individual spaces, such as in a college or residence.

We stand up for the creation of a community so that people can have a private life when they want, but also have meeting places and shared experiences in the building and also within the neighbourhood. 

By integrating sustainability criteria while sharing, a collective action of environmental responsibility and resilience is created. Neighbourhood communities, for example, become prosumers, producing and consuming their own 100% renewable photovoltaic energy. 

A few advantages 

  Bioclimatic design: timber structure, thermal insulation and sunlight capture.


   Balance between private, common and public, with 20-25% of surface for common areas.


  Energy and water saving. Production of photovoltaic energy, use of 100% renewable energy and use of rainwater.


  Collaborative, ethical and transparent funding. An investment with social and environmental impact.


  Non-toxic construction, use of recycled and recyclable materials and air quality filter..


  Building that promotes care, diversity and integration.

Invest in what you believe!

Construction is the cause of 56%
of polluting gases(according to
EC report) and 40% of CO2.

Ethical economic profitability
without land speculation.

New ways of relating
to spaces and the city.
Common spaces and greater
relationship with
the neighbourhood.

Development and expansion of
Co-living and Co-housing in the
coming years. Forecast of 100,000
housings in Spain in 10 years.

Building Construction
Nearly Zero Energy Consumption (NZEC)
from 2020 according to European
Directive 2010/31/EU.

We spend 1/3 of our time at home,
we need good air quality
(outdoor air filters and renovation),
without toxics.

We actively participate in the following SDGs