We are a network, an ecosystem of interconnected environmental co-living housings that offers innovative and sustainable solutions in buildings and their management:

  • We build CO2-free (zero CO2) green houses at market price, with performances much higher than the average.
  • We design buildings that build positive community, environments that care for people, giving answers to new ways of understanding the social relationships between what is private, common and public.
  • We develop an ethical and transparent management, without speculating and always looking for triple balance of projects (social, environmental and economic).
  • We work for an economic model that responds to the needs of today’s society, within what we understand as economy for the common good, collaborative economy and B corporations or SANNAS companies.

What’s the point?

Distrito Natural is our proposal to create an eco-friendly and social housing model that responds to the needs we are facing as a society in the next decade 2020 / 2030, within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals.

How are we going to do it?

A_On the one hand, we are going to build acommunity of impact investors – INVEST, individuals, public administrations with building leases, impact investment funds, private land owners and other actors who want to be part of the impact investment.

B_Creating a community of neighbours – LIVE, people committed to and proactive in collaborative culture and aware of the need to modify our environmental impact in the ways of living. It will be a community of people interested in renting or buying environmental co-living.


We start in Madrid, with a target of 10 buildings for the next 5 years, 2020/2025.


The sAtt Arquitectura Triple Balance team is the spearhead, with 17 years of experience in green building and collaborative housing. sAtt has a network of conscientious suppliers and expert economists, financiers and realtors.

We are pioneers in co-living and co-housing in Madrid, and among others, we designed and built the Entrepatios – Las Carolinas building, the first green cohousing in Madrid that received the European Collaborative Housing Award 2019.

Contact us

Para conocer más detalles de nuestros proyectos y servicios escribe a info@distritonatural.es