We’re here! DISTRITO NATURAL is a newly born developer of environmental co-living homes that designs pioneering and sustainable solutions. We build houses with strict green principles, taking care of the environment and the people; and with collaborative criteria, thus rethinking the relationships between what is private, public and common. To this end, we develop an ethical and transparent management, without speculating on the land and seeking a positive impact on the neighbourhoods and on those living in them. 


At the head of DISTRITO NATURAL is the sAtt Arquitectura Triple Balance team, with more than 17 years of international experience in strategic consulting, eco-friendly construction and collaborative housing (co-living and co-housing). We designed and built, among others, the first green co-housing in Madrid– the Entrepatios – Las Carolinas building, which has been awarded the European Collaborative Housing Award 2019.


We face a decisive decade for the future of the planet and those who live on it. We cannot just sit idly. We don’t want to wait any longer. It’s time to take action!


Do you want to know more? We invite you to find out about our first environmental co-living development!